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Huntsville Sew & Vac

While you are “rowing” through Huntsville - Enjoy a walk at Big Spring Park over the iconic red Japanese bridge and enjoy the beautiful 60 Yoshino Cherry trees. Both were a gift by Japanese Major General Mikio Kimata as thanks to the city for hosting him in attending a missile school program with Redstone Arsenal. Then he donated the “friendship bridge” to celebrate the United States Bicentennial.

As you go through Huntsville you will see beautiful old Dogwood trees! Be sure to check out the Dogwood Trail at the Botanical Garden. Not far from our shop is the Historic Maple Hill Cemetery. Home to many beautiful Southern old Dogwood and Magnolia trees. Both burst forth delicate fragrant flowers.   My favorite is the Dogwood Tree with its beautiful legend I love to share…it’s a flower with a story you may enjoy!

                The Legend of the Dogwood: At the time of the crucifixion, the dogwood had been the same size as all the other trees. It was known not only for its beauty, but for its strength. Thus, it was chosen to be used as the timber for the cross. For its wood to be used for such a cruel purpose as to crucify the King of Kings, the tree became distressed. As He was suffering, the Lord, aware of the tree’s distress, promised it that it would never be large enough again for its wood to be used for a cross.   Henceforth, the tree would become bent and twisted- its blossoms would gleam white, as to symbolize the Son of God’s purity, and the petals would be in the shape of a cross. The outer edge of each petal would be stained red so as to symbolize the nails that punctured Christ’s hands and feet, and in the center of the flower would lay a crown of thorns.

So when you see the flower pluck one to put in your hair or in a vase….then smile and share the story...for all who see it will know and remember!

We don’t want to forget about the rocket! Huntsville has been a large part of the Space Race! From missiles to rockets – space station, the moon and now the goal is Mars with the SLS rocket underway. We have a rich history in the Space race and look forward to blasting off with the SLS in the future!

NOTE:  The Red Bridge and the Rocket are pre-cut!

Have fun Rowing!

Huntsville Sew and Vac

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Gardendale Row By Row 2016


Post Office Block

704 Main Street

The Post Office first opened on 1935 in the location where Gardendale High School now sits.


The Jug and Magnolia Block

Gardendale was called Jugtown after the large jug and churn factory located where the Valley Green shopping center now stands. A campaign led by school teacher

Hettie Thomason Cargo resulted in the name being changed in 1906.

Gardendale has had a Magnolia Festival in the Spring for the past 15 years.

The festivities this year included a play called "Jugtown Turnaround" relating the story of the name change along with it's rich history.


The Coal Car

Gardendale is located in an area that once yielded large amounts of coal. There are several old and closed mines in existence.


Mickwee Store

795 Tarrant Road

"Built in 1902 the general store doubled as a home for the Mickwee family. Steven and Jeanie Phillips renovated the house in 1989 and it serves as their current residence."

"The Mickwees were known for their generous hearts. Mr. Mickwee was a peddler who rode the train between cities and took orders for goods he sold in his store. While riding the train, he would make friends with the homeless and travelers on the train. Often he would send them to the side of his house where Mrs. Mickwee would leave food on the window sill to help folks that were down on their luck eat without having to ask for food. Mama Mickwee would serve lunches on the counter and accounts were "carried" through the depression."

**Information gathered from Trail of History document for the Magnolia Festival and from the Gardendale Chamber of Commerce website.

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This Kit will NOT ship until November 1, 2016!


Layer Cake Fun - Gardendale

Have you seen the great Layer Cakes (10" square bundles) at Our Sewing Nook? Grab one of these goodies and join us for some Layer Cake Fun. We'll slice it up, sew it back together, then slice it again, and sew it back together. THEN the fun begins as we make these blocks into a quilt. There are NO seams to match when sewing the blocks into rows (yea!), only when sewing the rows together.

FTCU Software Basics - (3 Part Class)

In this series of classes, you will be exposed to all the features of your exciting software, Floriani Total Control U, that you have purchased. In class we’ll start with the basics and work our way to advanced to get you using your software. This class will get you creating and editing your designs.

Little Twister Table Runner - HUNTSVILLE

Let's Do the Twist! The Lil' Twister that is! Would you believe me if I told you that the pinwheel looking blocks are made from plain old 4-patch blocks? Well, they are -- with just a little twist.

Jul 13
Little Twister Table Runner - HUNTSVILLE
Jul 14
Jul 15

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